Global Banking and Financial Services Company Utilizes DobiMigrate for Multi-Petabyte NAS Migration

Client info

A leading multinational banking and financial services company


  • UK
  • IT environment is spread across 15 datacenters and 10 geographic locations in the US, EMEA, and APAC



The Challenge

  • Need to migrate 3.7 Petabytes of data from NetApp to Isilon
  • 180 NetApp filers
  • 200 Isilon nodes

The Solution

DobiMigrate for NAS platform migrations


  • Reduced Time
  • Reduced Risk
  • Minimal Business Disruption
  • Reduced Costs

The Customer

EMC’s customer, a leading global banking and financial services company, is embarking upon a multi-Petabyte platform migration. With headquarters in the UK, the customer’s NAS environment currently spans across 15 datacenters in 10 countries in the US, EMEA, and APAC.

The Challenge

The customer wants to transition their data from a NetApp® platform to a more flexible environment running on EMC Isilon®. They are very concerned about their large, complex environment, and they cannot risk any disruptions to their current business. With current tools and traditional Professional Services costs, there would have been no end in sight for when the migration would be completed, and the estimated costs could skyrocket out of budget.

The Solution

EMC is handling all of the services for this initiative, and they have enlisted the powerful functionality of DobiMigrate to make the NAS migration a success. The reporting and support of NetApp vFilers are just a few—yet very important and crucial—features of DobiMigrate that will help EMC with this customer’s migration challenge.

Metrics for Success

The customer’s goal is to migrate as quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible to an EMC Isilon platform without any disruptions to their day-to-day business. By utilizing DobiMigrate, EMC is helping its customer achieve their overall project goals:

  1. Reduce Time — The anticipated speed of the NAS migration is estimated to be up to ten times faster than traditional tools. DobiMigrate delivers the best possible efficiencies from every phase of the migration project, reducing otherwise long and expensive processes into compact units.
  2. Reduce Risk — DobiMigrate reduces risk by removing much of the manual process, automating repetitive activities, and streamlining complex tasks.
  3. Minimal Business Disruption — DobiMigrate’s built-in flexibility minimizes disruption to daily business and will allow the customer to easily adapt to changing business priorities.
  4. Reduce Costs — DobiMigrate allows the customer to save budget dollars by allocating IT resources to other revenue-generating projects. DobiMigrate’s intelligence-based and automated approach means less time and less waste.

Business Benefits

The customer will be able to quickly transition its NAS storage platform.  By reducing the time of the migration and taking away much of the manual interactions, the risks involved in an enormous, complex migration are significantly reduced.  All of the features and benefits that DobiMigrate brings to NAS storage platform migrations will save this costumer money and ultimately increase their bottom line.