DobiMigrate Provides Performance and Scalability Needed After Business Acquisition for DTI

Client info



Atlanta, GA


EMC, Northway Technologies

The Challenge

  • Needed to migrate data quickly as part of a business acquisition
  • Storage platforms were hosted in different geographic locations
  • Needed to ensure data integrity
  • Could not afford any business disruption
  • Budgets were limited

The Solution

DobiMigrate for NAS migrations, NetApp® CDOT 8.2.2 to EMC® Isilon®


Fast and accurate migration to consolidate critical business data as part of business acquisition.

The Customer

DTI is a leading legal process outsourcing (LPO) company serving law firms, corporations and government entities around the globe. DTI helps its clients accelerate the changes they must make to remain competitive. DTI is a preeminent leader in the management of information and processes. The company manages risks and minimizes costs associated with complex litigation and compliance functions. The extensive experience in eDiscovery, managed services, and litigation support is unmatched in the industry.

DTI recently acquired Merrill Corporation’s Legal Solutions business. The acquisition expands the capabilities of DTI to help the world’s leading law firms and Fortune 500 corporations. The legal industry demands top-tier legal services providers, like DTI, that can deliver discovery and litigation support services on a global basis.

The Challenge

After DTI acquired Merrill Corporation’s Legal Solutions business, they needed to quickly and accurately migrate over 400 Terabytes of file data from NetApp CDOT 8.2.2 in St. Paul, Minnesota to EMC Isilon in Atlanta, GA.

DTI had more than 3.6 billion files that needed to migrate from NetApp to Isilon. It was important for the IT team to find a scalable solution that would fit within their new budget and time constraints.

The Solution

DTI enlisted the expertise of their technology partner, Northway Technologies, to recommend a large-scale migration solution that would accurately and rapidly migrate the data from NetApp to Isilon. Northway Technologies recommended to deploy DobiMigrate for NAS migrations for this large and complex migration.

“We were able to easily deploy DobiMigrate software for our migration. It was a tremendous benefit to our team that no hardware needed to be deployed since everything was virtualised. The support that the team at Datadobi provided was second to none in terms of response and resolving any issues that we encountered on our end during the migration.”
Director of Storage Services
Tho Han

Metrics for Success

With the geographical challenges and abundance of data, it was key for DTI to identify a solution that was completely virtualized that could get the job done quickly and cost-effectively.

“In our industry, data integrity is absolutely critical,” said Shaun Cutter, CTO at DTI. “DobiMigrate was the key to success in our data migration initiative without compromising any data. To ensure data integrity, we validate MD5 checksums on both the source and target files to confirm they are identical.”

Business Benefits

The IT team enjoyed a rapid and successful migration with DobiMigrate. The team now has consolidated business files on EMC Isilon in one geographic location. All of the critical data was successfully migrated with little downtime and no business disruption. Overall project costs were also significantly contained.

DobiMigrate was able to streamline the DTI NAS migration faster and easier than any other solution.  For DTI, budget and timing was of the essence.  With DobiMigrate, it’s about time.