Enterprise & Large Companies

Large enterprises find themselves in a state of continuous data movement. But most are wasting large amounts of money, tying up substantial resources, causing significant disruption to the business, and taking risks with their data.

The DobiMiner Software Suite allows enterprises to quickly, easily, cost-effectively, and with very low risk make sure their File and Object data is where it needs to be when it needs to be there:

  • Use DobiMigrate to move data to the most appropriate location instead of having it take up valuable space on another system just because it is too difficult to move.
  • Use DobiReplicate to replicate data to an existing heterogeneous storage platform on-premises, remote or to a Cloud Gateway and avoid purchasing new storage for replication.
  • Use DobiSync to keep a pristine copy of your data in the Cloud instead of jeopardizing it by not keeping a safe copy at all due to lack of available space.

The DobiMiner Suite can either be purchased as individual modules for in-house or as a service from one of our Datadobi Certified Delivery Partners.