Experienced Developer

Location: Leuven, Belgium | Department: Engineering

Job description

A Datadobi Developer will work as a software engineer/architect as part of a small development team and will participate in the day-to-day development of our next product as well as maintenance tasks on our current product. You must be able to work efficiently and independently in an agile context.

The successful candidate’s required skills and experience:

  • Deep understanding of software and operating system concepts
  • Real-life & hands-on experience with multi-threading, locking and synchronization
  • Real-life & hands-on experience with networking and file systems
  • Experience with low-level programming/debugging at various levels of
    the operating system stack
  • Experience with Java server programming
  • Experience with .NET and WinAPI programming
  • Experience with:
    • Vaadin
    • GWT
    • Linux
  • Ability to work independently without supervision in an organized and disciplined way

Please send us your resume and cover letter.

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